So with all due respect to your prestigious paper, you will forgive us for declining your offer. We wouldn’t want to be seen as “Bibiwashing” the op-ed page of the New York Times.

Ron Dermer, senior advisor to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu


PM adviser's letter to 'New York Times'

A must-read for anyone who peruses the Times opinion pages!


An Israeli goes around Tel Aviv and asks people to sing, lip sync, act, or write out a line of the Maroon 5 song “Moves Like Jagger.”

Israel has more companies listed on Nasdaq than Europe, Japan, South Korea and India combined.

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Republicans See a Ripple in the Nation’s Jewish Vote

Why Obama is losing the Jewish vote

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Deal: Chabad Men to Join IDF


Bibi wishes Muslims worldwide a happy Ramadan.

The shekel drops / The fallacy of the middle class protest

This is where the tent-dwellers should aim their arrows: They should remind government that the middle class is still the majority and that it can’t keep financing people who choose to live in poverty. We should return to David Ben-Gurion’s arrangement of quotas for people studying Torah at the state’s expense. The other Haredim should kindly go to national service and then work. We might also mention that a modern, equitable, Zionist democracy must not forgo education: The state should stop funding the isolationist Haredi education system. The same goes for isolationist Arab schools.

If the tent-dwellers really want to assure the future of the middle class, their call must be for equal sharing of the burden. The rich must pay more tax; the poor must work more and receive less welfare. Anything else merely perpetuates the constant erosion of the middle class caught between the rich and the poor.

Video from Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affaris Danny Ayalon, “The Truth About the West Bank”

The Jerusalem Light Rail

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If you’re in Jerusalem, check out the Bezalel Art Fair on Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm
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If you’re in Jerusalem, check out the Bezalel Art Fair on Fridays from 10 am to 4 pm

(via יריד בצלאל לאמנויות)

ההולך ברחובות

The Streetswalker is an Israel street style blog run by Yael Sloma—an Israeli Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist).  Yael writes,

I started The Street Walker after a two-week visit to London in January 2007. Only then did I understand the need to document the stylish residents of Tel Aviv In an era of global brands and trends which I believe damage the real essence of fashion. I wanted to encourage individuality and creativity. I started this blog in order to give inspiration and confidence to many others to get out of their jeans and t-shirts and to start expressing themselves through the clothes they wear.

Law of Return helps American basketball player fulfill his hoop dreams

Jon Scheyer joins Maccabi Tel Aviv as an Israeli citizen, allowing him to become part of the team without taking one of the few coveted roster spots allotted for valuable foreign players.

New York mayor mistakenly greets Muslim leaders in Hebrew